About Us

Rural Institute for People’s Enlightenment (RIPE) a voluntary organization has been working for different Rural & Urban Development Programmes and Monitoring & evaluation, surveys and research studies. for the last 30 years, supported by diiferent donor agencies and GOI, GOAP and GOK.

Our Vision

The Vision of RIPE is to enable the poorest of the poor and the vulnerable groups in the Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh to empower themselves, improve their livelihoods and quality of life in a sustainable manner.

Our Mision

The RIPE seeks to achieve its vision through:

  • Empowering the rural poor and vulnerable through developing and nurturing self-managed grassroots organizations.

  • Evaluating access to public services including technical and financial services in order to expand their livelihood asset base and opportunities; and

  • Mitigating the risks faced by the rural poor by appropriate interventions to improve their resource base and livelihoods.

Our Approach

The RIPE believes in a participatory approach to development of the poor and the vulnerable sections. Given the enormity of the task, The sharper focus is on the poorest of the poor and the vulnerable groups. The main emphasis of RIPE is on creating an enabling environment in which the poor and the vulnerable work to redeem their claims and entitlements. While doing so, RIPE seeks to work with a range of stakeholders - the poor, the non-poor, the local government, the line departments and the private sector - such that the negative stakeholders are neutralized, and the energies of positive stakeholders are channelized.

Legal Status of the Organization